Epic Orchestral Music

Nathan has a Masters Degree in Piano Performance and has been writing new music since 2003.  Using a Digital Audio Workstation and sophisticated instrumental sample libraries, he produces AAA quality soundtracks for media, especially video games.

Nathan is also highly proficient with Sibelius notation software and has written for a large variety of ensemble types ranging from full orchestra, chamber ensemble, choir, and solo instrumental works.  He also arranges on commission and was most recently featured on Materia Collective's new album, Spira: Music from Final Fantasy X - Besaid Mix.

Nathan is currently working as a freelance composer, performer, and accompanist.  He meets deadlines, is easy to work with, and writes unique music with integrity to his style.  As a pianist, his specialty lies in American Contemporary music and he delivers thrilling and fiery interpretations throughout the repertoire.  He is also a fantastic collaborator and propels those he accompanies to new heights.